Trash Valet

#1 tenant rated amenity for multi-family units


More than the pool, BBQ pits, weight rooms, and clubhouse, trash valet is the only amenitty 100% of residents will use.



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Property Manager:

  • No cost to start
  • Additional income for the property
    • Say you have 100 units.  Tenants will pay an additional $25 per month on their rent.  The property keeps $5 per tenant for the trouble of amending leases and managing signupus.  100 units equals $500/month or $6,000/year.
  • We're always willing to help out in distributing flyers and newsletters to each door step.
  • Documentation of every possible complaint or issue to be reported back to the property manager
  • Uniformed personnel on the grounds, at night, help deter loitering and other potentially undesirable behavior. 
  • Easily marketed amenity that beats the competition with what you offer.


  • We take your trash out for you!
  • An annoying chore that you can take off your list

What is trash valet and how does it work?

Trash valet is a convenient amenity that collects residents trash, 5 nights a week, and moves it to the dumpster for them.  

How does it work?

  1. Tenant ties up trash in a trash bag and leaves it in a trashcan outside their door before 8 pm.
  2. A uniformed porter arrives and quietly collects the trash bags from each tenants doorstep. 
  3. Porter will carry the trash to the dumpster, eliminating the trips for the tenants


  • Sunday through Thursday trash collection at the tenants door.
  • Detailed report of any possible damaged or broken attributes of the property  (e.g. lights burnt out, broken glass, obstructions or other dangerous situations). Full report includes pictures. 
  • Added benefit of having a uniformed (safety vest) professional on property after hours.  Simply having the presence of someone on the premises can deter loitering, vandalism, littering and other unwanted behaviors.