What does a door to door trash valet and recycling bring to your property?

What does a door to door trash valet and recycling bring to your property?

Door to door valet trash does more for your multi-family property than just take out the trash. We know how convenient the service is for the residents and property managers, but have you considered how valet trash adds even more value?



Let’s be honest: we all feel better about ourselves when we recycle. With so much garbage in the world that it feels like it's closing in on us, it seems we can’t manage it fast enough. The ocean has swirling masses of plastic “icebergs”, and the beautiful albatross on the Midway Atoll is dying from consuming our plastic detritus. It’s always best to reuse or reduce first, but when those aren’t choices, always, always recycle. Providing valet trash recycling services at your multifamily complex will encourage more people to contribute to sustainability and less to environmental damage.



Around 30% of the US lives in multi-family housing  Whether in college, when first married or even as an established family with school-age children (the highest demographic of renters in the U.S.!), taking time out of the week to travel to a community recycling center rarely happened. With valet trash recycling services being provided to the residents of a townhome or apartment community, the convenience of having recycling on-site will prove to be just one more way you can make their lives easier. This eco-friendly perk will allow families to be green while not having to think much about the task, thus adding value to the community.



Nobody wants to live in trash. Unless you are our childhood friend, Oscar the Grouch. Who can forget the lyrics from his song, “Oh, I love trash!” While Oscar will always have a place in our hearts, his way of living doesn’t mesh with our homes. This extends past our doorstep. When walking outside, the last thing we want to be greeted with is the neighbor’s pizza box soaked with greasy cheese stains (left on the front porch overnight because there is nowhere to recycle it) or plastic Target bags from the soccer mom three doors down.  The point is, with valet recycling services on site, the chances of those paper and plastic goods being put into the correct receptacles (landfill or recycle?) and not on your lawns will keep everyone the opposite of grouchy.



Well, maybe not forever, but offering valet recycling services at a multi-family campus will make residents more apt to stay put longer. In cities like Los Angeles that have “zero-waste” goals, the programs are there due to the demand from the inhabitants (As of 2013, L.A. had the highest recycling rate amongst its residents at a whopping 76%!). With a recycling program being in the “Top 5” of the most important amenities for renters in 2015, future renters are already searching for a home-base that takes part in sustainability. If you recycle it, they will come. And stay.


Okay, no one wants their rent to be high, but frankly, who wouldn’t pay a bit more in rent to have the luxury of service amenities in their rental community? We know the demand is there, so naturally, those looking for valet recycling programs will be willing to add an additional few dollars onto their rent. We’re not talking about nickel-and-diming so much as offering the convenience of someone else handling your recycling efforts for you. A recycling program on premises contributes to a sustainable community which is an integral part of rental buildings that want to be “green certified”. The NMHC (National Multifamily Housing Council) found that renters are willing to pay an extra $31 a month to live in a building that takes part in a sustainable program and if nothing else, are willing to pay an extra $26 a month for their rental community to take part in a recycling program (National Real Estate Investor, 2016).


Consider what benefits a door to door trash valet and recycling program can bring to your property.  Cleanliness, sustainability, long lasting tenants, and increased profitability are just the beginning.

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