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What exactly do you do?

We utilize efficiency models to quickly and efficiently collect trash and litter from a location.  Our team physically walks your property and will manually collect all litter and bagged trash and dispose of in an approved trash dumpster.

When do you operate?

Our intention is that you never see us (unless you want to), just our results.  For trash valet, we begin working at 8pm and are usually done by 10pm.  For parking lot litter collection we operate either late in the evening or early in the morning.  Our goal is to have your properties looking great and ready for their next day

We operate Sunday through Thursday.  We don’t pick up trash  on Friday or Saturday nights due to businesses usually being open later and increased evening foot traffic.  Despite this, we guarantee everything will be in tip top shape by Monday morning. 

Where do you operate?

Currently Trash Bandit Services operates in Kearney, Grand Island, and North Platte; however, we will be expanding soon.

What else do you provide besides trash pickup?

Being on your property we provide three additional benefits that might be easy to miss.

A- Our waste removal team is servicing properties at late night hours. During these times there is usually very little staff on property, but we are.  Crime is now less likely to occur in these areas simply due to the presence of uniformed (safety vest) individuals conducting work in the area.   



B- We keep and report detailed logs regarding potentially broken or damaged items on your property (blown out light bulbs, broken and dangerous sidewalks, cracked windows).  By keeping in contact with the property managers we can provide an additional set of eyes on their upkeep.

C- Utilizing waste removal services can free up your engineers, maintenance, and other team members so that their time can be used more effectively to benefit your business.  Instead of sending your employees out to pick up trash, they can focus on more value-added activities for their job.

What kind of properties do we usually handle?

We are equipped to handle apartment complexes and parking lots of all sizes.  We scale to your needs.  

How much does it cost to have the Trash Bandits service your property?

 We’re not interested in complex pricing models, or trying to nickel and dime our customers, that’s why we created an extremely easy plan. 

Trash Valet

When dealing with trash valet, all models revolve around adopting an entire complex to the new amenity.   Services are a very simple, and affordable, $25 a month per tenant.  Exactly $5 per tenant will be kept by the property as recompense for collecting and disbursing payments.